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before the first burn

Prior to burning your candle for the first time, you want to ensure your wick is the proper length. We recommend utilizing a wick trimmer as it maintains a clean and even burn, eliminates carbon buildup, smoking, and soot. Trim your wick to 1/4" prior to burning for the first time as well as for each subsequent burn. We also recommend only trimming the wick once the candle has completely cooled and solidified to prevent debris from falling into the melted wax.


the perfect space

Your candle should be placed on a flat, stable, and heat resistance surface. Never leave your burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of pets and children and avoid places where there is a draft or near anything that can catch fire such as drapes and plants. Do not move candle while it is lit, wait for wax to fully harden.  When your candle isn't lit, store upright in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight.

time to burn

When burned properly, our 6 oz. tins have an

optimal burn time of 40+ hours. Our 11oz. vessels have an optimal burn time of 100+ hours.

The first time you burn your candle, allow enough

time for the surface of the candle to be

fully melted, all the way to the edge of the container.

This should take about 1-2 hours and will

help maximize the longevity of your candle.

We recommend burning your candle no longer than

4 hours. Allow the candle to cool until the wax has fully solidified and trim the wick before relighting.

To extinguish your candle, use a candle snuffer,

the candle lid, or simply blow the candle out from a safe distance.

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